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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You Are So Far Away

A tear slides down my cheek, cold and slow. I feel it wet my hair and realize I am not dreaming as I thought that I was. No, the images I watch play on the pitch black movie screen of my bed room. Her, lying in bed next to me. Our faces so close I feel her breath. My hand tracing her delicate features, drifting down her beautiful neck. Leaning in to kiss the dip of her colar bone when my fingertips pause there, moving down her shoulder to her hand. touching each finger tip and then running my own back up her stomache over her chest and starting all over again. I used to spend hours with her this way.
"Hmmm, your hands feel so good. You are so good to me." Her voice as real as if she were with me, as if I were truly in a dream.


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