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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Ogers Have Layers"

I kept my head down when I said it, she had asked me to repeat myself. With tears in my eyes and a voice that burned I said it again, "I am an onion."
It was months ago, still I remember her eyes as if she was in front of me today. "What?"
"An onion. Dead and dried, under the layers are more layers and in the middle, should anyone get there, nothing." I started to cry, it felt so real and so much bigger than me. It hurt. Worn and thin, papery and broken. Keep peeling and soon the world will see. The greatest disappointment, the nothing.
Months later I met Her and she said, in the bar that first night using some strange accent with a weird voice, "Ogers have layers."
I have no idea what it meant, a reference to Shrek and how ogers are like onions in that they both have layers, once again and quite suddenly I thought, "I am an onion." Only this time it didn't seem so very bad.


Anonymous Becca said...

Yes darlin, an onion is definately what you have become.....use your layers to keep out the unwanted and the neglectful, but unfold them to let the important and few in. We love you honey, hang in there, and I am closer than you think.

1:47 PM  

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