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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Melissa Rose

I wonder when you look at me
can you see the dreams that I have?

When I smile can you hear
all the things I wish I could say?
For sure when you get this close to me
you must feel all that's dying to be born

I wonder when you look at me
do you see all I see in what you are?
Do you watch me the way I watch you
do you memorize my smile?
Because I can draw your smile in my mind
recreate the way your eyes change
Imagine what your laughter feels like
bouncing off my skin

I wonder when you look at me
can you hear confessions of my day dreams?
Sunlight, star dust and all in between
Kissing all night long
Do you see how I'd let you touch me
how I'd give all of this over to you.

When you look at me I melt
I fear all those secrets blown away
Nervous I try to breathe and confused
I try to find all those magic words
Beautiful words suddenly lost on me
Faithful words I can no longer trust

When you look at me I want you to want me
The way my dreams want you
When I smile I'm inviting you in
I'm silently begging you to stay

~Written when I first met her, when I first learned her name and saw those green eyes light up. Some have said she is un-deserving. To them I say: You don't know the her I know, you do not see what she does for me. You have no idea what a lovely Leo she is. She Is the most deserving of them all, after all ~ I chose her.


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