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Thursday, March 09, 2006

DJ Gage ~ The Super-Cool Be-Bopping Baby-Dyke DJ

She sees me walking across the empty club's dance floor. She watches as I climb the stairs to the DJ booth. She pushes her head phones down around her thin neck, slightly messing up her short hair.
I peak over the booths high door.
Look, I know it's not very popular and I know it's early, but do you think so Techno could be played.
What would you like?
In A Dream.
That's a classic.
Yeah, it's my fav.
Might take me a while to find, what would you like if I don't have it?
Anything trance-y with chick vocals.
Thanks, what's your name?
Brandy, um -- DJ Gage.
Brandy. DJ Gage.
I smile and she nods and smiles.
For the next hour and a half some of the coolest trance-y chick vocal music rocks my body. As I dance I notice her dance up above me in the DJ booth. She is like an angel, she reminds me of my lost angel, lion-god.


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