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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kiss Me ~ Save My Life

"I just had the strangest dream."
"Tell me." I know we love each other because we always talk about our dreams.
"You and I were in a purple room with a crystal ball. You looked in and started to cry. We left the room and I broke the ball, but still you cried. I took you far away and you climbed a cliff where you said you would waste away if I couldn't save you."
"Did you save me?" I asked, praying for my dream-self that she did.
"Yes." She smiled. "I sure did, I kissed you. That was all I had to do, kiss you." She laughed a little and sat up. "Do you think that a kiss could save someone?"
Without thinking I sat up and answered her. "If it were your kiss, yes."
We looked at each other for a long moment. Slowly she leaned into me. When we kissed it was like a language that only we knew. It was too quick and yet it was forever. We slept that night, dreamless. Because no dream could be better than that night.

"I think that I would die if I could not have you." It’s the way she makes me feel. We are laying in the overgrown park, in the shade of the largest oleander bush. The shade is cool, leafy-green, the flowers are toxic pink. She is lying so close to me that I can feel the electricity crackle between us, but it’s much too sticky-hot to actually touch. We look into each others eyes, in her deep green pools I can see a tiny, upside down me. A beautiful little me, beautiful because she looks at me this way. "I don’t know how I lived for twenty-three years before you."
She is quiet, thoughtful. "You will live after me, too." She curls over me, kissing me, touching me through my gauzy, black shirt. Everywhere she touches the material sticks to my sweaty skin, I feel weird, out of place. Her hair is silk on my finger tips.
I move away from her, slightly. "What do you mean after you?"
She smiles, "When you think of this whole life you must admit that this moment is small." Her eyes study her hands. I can’t tell if she believes that or not.
"No this moment is the largest one there is." I pull her back to me. "I love you."
We make love for the second time that afternoon. In the high grass, under the oleander. The sun warms our skin as we lay back. As she sleeps I can hear her laugh, I hear it all the time. I have been hearing it since we met.


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