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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Someone Who

I hate how the radio plays those songs
The ones that make me miss you the most
I despise knowing reality is that if not with you
I’ll spend forever with your ghost
I wish my heart was not made of paper
That it would not bend and tear with such ease
What I wouldn’t give for you to see me exposed
To understand this is me on my knees
You say I seem so firmly set where I am
Un-giving, unmoving, simply and completely unyielding
If you could only see what’s on my inside you’d see
Outside appearance is not always what I am feeling
You ask what I want and it seems so childish to think
I want someone to hold on with all their might
Someone who will love me and make me stay
Someone who’ll never leave and thinks I am worth the fight
I need someone who will look at me
And without hesitation know when I am in pain
Someone who can make I all better
With out my ever having to explain
Someone who knows me better and better each day
Who wont let hurt alone even when I put up a strong front
Who will hold me still and stop me
When I am a kicking, screaming, raging cunt
Maybe it’s unfair of me to expect all this from you
When I myself don’t have very much to give
Only a few elaborate phrases, poetry, art work
And this ridiculously decorated world in which I live
I know that I may come off as demanding
And often you feel those demands are unjust
There is a reason to most everything I ask of you
And I promise, baby, I am someone you can trust


Anonymous BECCA said...

I know you want some one to hold on but are you letting them see that you want to be held onto? And if so do they know it's them that you want to hold onto you, or do they think you want some one else? Or do you mean some one else other than the one I am thinking of? call us honey, we miss you.

3:35 PM  

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