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Friday, December 24, 2004

That Girl You Loved

A lot of time has passed, I hardly remember the girl that you loved
I know that she loved you, long after you had gone
and I know that she waited.
As the cold turned her fingers purple - still she held on.
You came to me in the days that passed, I gave myself to you.
Not that I could change this life, but it was the one thing I could do.

That girl you loved, the one that loved you.
She hung around dreaming until her dreams grew far too deep.
Then she started cranking,
her only way to escape the dangers of her darkened sleep.
Every man that passed me, I searched in hope that he was you.
My heart would stop and breath would halt, but only for a second or two.

Beautiful, she was, the one that you loved, the girl who loved you.
She had wanted to be your savior, as it seems you were to her.
She wrote letters to angels,
then she’d burn them, her very own offerings of poetry and myrrh.
I prayed in very language, in every way, using all that I knew.
I begged for a peace, our love, some miracle in life to bring me back to you.


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