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Monday, June 20, 2005

You Do Not Care

This is not a mere fluctuation. This is not a flaw that will lend its self to your ultimate perfection. This is not something I can creatively blend into the fabric of my fairy tale lie I have blindly chosen to live.

I begged you not to destroy the image, expressed how important it was to me, how delicate it was and how thin you had it stretched. I rejected the idea that you may not care if it were eternally damaged or if I just got over you. I wanted to think that you would miss my company, my physical affection, my eternal admiration, and me. I wanted to believe that you might notice I was gone.

You do not care. My space is filled, filled before I am even gone.

Careful to always say ‘someone’ never ‘you.’

You do not care at all because someone is there with you and you will never notice that that someone is not me. That someone does not love you the way I do, will not think of you the way I do.
You will never have the wings of angels in their eyes ~ you do not care.


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