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Friday, July 08, 2005

You Are Painfully Beautiful

You ~ you are painfully beautiful. The thought of you liberates a thousand thousands of brilliant blue and green butterflies within my stomach. Sapphire blue butterflies like the deep ocean of your skin and fire green butterflies like that which spills from your eyes. You are without explanation of any form ~ creatures as awesome as yourself simply do not exist here. They cannot for they are not made up of the same elements. You ~ for marvelous instance ~ you are not flesh and bone like me, you are light and energy and magic and glamour. You are stars and fairy dust and dreams. All woven into a superbly astonishing, beautifully crafted, flawlessly complete Angel. You take my very breath away. You erase the sky and the clouds ~ turn off the sun and melt the mountains. You come near me and suddenly the ground I stand on is gone, falling a million miles an hour ~ I tumble through your space. Never fully aware of how you do it ~ only awesomely aware that you do it so well.

Your grace and self-control are astounding. You hypnotize by the way in which you move ~ liquid and poised, dangerous lion. Fear of you runs through me ~ frozen. I cannot turn away ~ cannot move forward and yet will not retreat. On my knees looking up into the face of God’s most handsome. His pride, His joy ~ His ultimate achievement. My lips part slightly and air that my lungs cannot inhale moves cool over them. I would die to stay here in this moment ~ to worship and adore ~ I would live this overwhelming obsession my whole life. I would never see another sunset ~ never taste another salty ocean breath ~ I would live out the rest of my life and never paint or draw or write of anything other than you ~ your intensity. You are everything. I am held ~ willingly captivated ~ in the prison of your hauntingly gorgeous smile. Intoxicated, drowned, lost and found within that smile ~ the smile of the heavens. Broken down, torn to pieces, destroyed and rebuilt within those eyes ~ the green of the stars.

Where did you come from and where are you going? How do you hold time so statuesquely still? Who will I be after knowing you? Stronger, more beautiful, smarter, improved ~ there is no way I could absorb you and not abide the change. It is without doubt that I am now a more superior being, enhanced ~ charmed. All that you touch you distinguish ~ for your touch calls forth the awesome. This is because you are awesome. Awesome, the word should be honored to be used for you; all of these should for not one comes close to what it needs to be to begin to describe you.

Forever I will write ~ endlessly using the same words and searching for new ones. It is part of my destiny. Forever no words will be good enough. That is part of theirs.


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