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Monday, July 24, 2006


I am sorry. I am. As I write this I do so with my proverbial head hung low with shame. I have a new obsession. It’s sick, it’s sick really. Okay, first let me admit that I, who have a heart only for Blogger. Who will always blog, when there is the time and the inspiration. I, who takes this blog very serious, have been MySpace-ing as of late. I’m sorry! Wait its worse! I have become addicted to the wicked train wrecks that are some sorry loser’s life. Reading the rants of randomly found people who use their MySpace page as a Jerry Spring-ish platform to launch white trash attacks on other weirdo drugs-made-me-fuck-my-dog-but-I-keep-doing-it-because-we-are-in-love people. It’s outrageous. I mean, as I have said trying to explain my problem to others, it is like watching a burning building and thinking there is no way someone is still in there alive and then having to stare waiting for them to pull out a body or a flaming almost corpse. I am a MySpace rubber necker. What does that say about me?


Blogger Warrior said...

I am pissing myself laughing. Well done and said but get your ass out of your space come back here.

2:07 PM  

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