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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today I Am

Today I am this girl, can’t remember what color her hair is
Who doesn’t know her role in life and sees a strangers hands
And yes I meant it when I said I loved you
But I didn’t realize you thought that meant it was okay to make plans
I just don’t do so well with a schedule
A pre-set timeline of when and where
‘Cause I never know when I’ll show up at your house
I might get there early or I might decide to stay home and change the color of my hair

Who I’ll be tomorrow
Isn’t who I plan to stay
Yet, I’ll probably always try new things
I’ll probably always be this way

And now I am going to rent a scary movie
So I can pretend to face my fears
When in reality monsters just don’t scare me
It’s the world that leaves me trembling in tears
And what it is that scares me
Has no face for me to face
It’s all these unknown possibilities
It’s all this moving place to place

And who I am today
Isn’t who I’ll be forever
But I’ll always have a dry sense of humor
Always have to say something clever

Baby, sure I’d like to love you always
And I think I’d like to settle down sometime
But I don’t know if I am capable of a quite life
I just get so nervous when things begin to unwind
And I don’t need it see it fall apart completely
To know exactly where this thing will end
Oh and, darling, I think you’re an amazing girl
Only I’m not sure I can handle yet another lover turning into just a friend

Go ahead and love me
If you are willing to love me and understand that

Who I’ll be tomorrow
Isn’t who I plan to stay
Still, I’ll probably always try new things

And I’ll probably always be this way


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