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Saturday, December 25, 2004

And For The Snow, Thank You

Do you know why no one could ever take your place? Not just the clear things like your ridiculously awesome smile or your beautiful face or your overwhelming (in the best way) eyes. Not just your voice, which I love and love more at night when it fills with sleep, not your fingers and their magic, how fucking hot it is when your teeth are on my skin ~ ALL of those things are phenomenal ~ but there is a reason even bigger than those. You make everything awesome, really ~ this year, 24,has felt so good and so big, in such a movie way. Do you remember when I was leaving your house on the night of my birthday and I was like, "I started and ended this birthday with you." You were like, "You sure did." The thought made me smile the whole way home. It was the best birthday ~ the best year ~ and it started with you. Then sitting in your car after not seeing you for a little while and I say to you,"Merry Christmas, it's Christmas!" but inside my head I think, Hey it's Christmas and I started it with you ~ it's going to be the best Christmas ever! After kissing you good bye I walk in the house and I am full of this ~ I don't know, but it's great and you fill me with it when no one else has ~ and I get about, hmmm 15m. of sleep but it doesn't matter I know this will be a great Christmas!Then Christmas day and everything seems the same,except that outside ~ New Orleans, deep south and SNOW! Not just slush and sleet ~ SNOW, flurries and flakes and real life, beautiful SNOW. I smile to myself and think ~ I knew when I started this day with her that it would just have to be better than any other!So there you go, I know you were cold, your poor lovely fingers turning red, your body covered in goose bumps and your face full of this obnoxiously beautiful pathetic-ness that makes me want you more, still I hope you watched it and I hope it made you smile.
Merry Christmas


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