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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Well hello everyone, it’s a damn shame that just as I was starting to really blog again I get kicked in the ass and wind up sitting hospital bound for two days and just killing the whole roll I was on. Don’t worry, yours truly is doing fine. Atrial fibrillation, “A-fib,” my heart rate was around 168 a minute and there were some side affects ~ I’m feeling much better now. (That was Thursday and Friday.) The stay was even quite pleasant as I spent the time with the lovely Korrynne and my dear Leo. Leo and I played Yatzee and had a pretty good time; she rapped like she did on Mardi Gras and, after encouragement, she wrote one down for me. (That will be posted, it’s so darling.) She brought me diner, home cooked turkey and mashed potatoes her mother had made, she stayed all night; curled up at my waist as I petted her head and stroked her neck. Now I’m back and things will start popping up at a faster rate since many ideas have been scribbled in notebook and napkins while I could not log on!
Oh, so say a prayer that I have a healthy, stroke free, heart failure free life ahead if me and PLEASE pray that I can get approved for a mortgage loan from a participating lender and get help with my down payment and that that happens before the end of next week!Thanks!


Blogger Warrior said...

Hey consider it said. Look after yourself, write.

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