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Monday, April 11, 2005

Re: Your Comment

“An Irish man learning French and teaching English… experiencing cultural diversity.” He wrote of his online blog. “Dreamer worker, warrior” He lists under About Me in his curiously less than revealing Complete Profile. I don’t know exactly what he means, but I know the words and I know what I mean when I use them. I know that lately this life has felt like a battle and I have been so surprised and proud by the warrior I found inside myself. He is a Virgo thirteen years older than my Sagittarian self; yet – without knowing him and with little to go on – I don’t believe he’d use my inferior age to negate the intelligence of my statements. He signs his emails “Collie.”
His first email made me smile, it’s been months and I don’t think that anyone other than myself, my darling Korrynne have bothered with this blog. Naturally it felt nice to receive a polite comment and, curious as to the person who left it, I checked out his blog. Colm Maguire, as it turns out, is a very interesting person who seems to be chronicling the rapidly shifting ups and mind blowing downs of his fast changing life. His passion and fire fill each outraged rant, and each perfectly timed apology for them. His entries inspire comments that are ridiculously long, but that can’t be helped, sorry.
An intelligent creature emerging slowly from his own bloody battle with life, still emerging just the same. Emerging ~ despite every mundane thing which would like to break his will, and very well might have at one point.
His second email came the day after I sought council in one of my dearest friends and confessed that lately I had been plagued with the thought that writing was not what I should do. Maybe I was just being foolish as we Sagittarians can be when we follow a dream long after it should end. She said, write but don’t pin hopes on it. I sat that night and thought, if not hopes, what is worth writing for? Then his email on some silly comment which became and entry of it’s own. He thought it was rich and well written. Well written? Thank you ~ SO much! He wrote a few very, very nice things but at the end he topped it all. Just for my writing, of which he’s read little, he wrote. “Thank you for you.” I read it, surprised ~ both by the lovely statement and how very good it made me feel. I read it and reread it and I thought, “So there it is, write I will.”

Collie ~ thank you.


Blogger Warrior said...

I cannot begin to tell you what a rich gift it is to see you have chosen to write about me. Thank you again for you. You are an amazing writer. I say pin your hopes, your hopes, your dreams, your desires on it. Why? Because many can but only a few do. Also because you have a rare and beautiful talent for prose that the world should be exposed to. Write your story, your dream your thoughts. Thank you again sincerely for the gift you have given me.

4:47 PM  
Blogger korrynne said...

what i have been telling you for years... thank you very much. where did this fierce need for outside validation come from (gee, i wonder?). reread the email, silly, if you saved it. it's all true. you know the email, right? you remember, it was all so true... and still is.

1:05 PM  
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