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Thursday, December 30, 2004

You Kissed Me Goodbye

Last night you kissed me goodbye.
I wanted to wrap my arms around you and keep you all night. I wanted to close my eyes and live that moment, as small as it was perfect. I wanted to cry. Goodbye kisses are comfortable and last night you kissed me goodbye. I felt warm, alive and so ~ unbelievably so ~ good. I felt like I could sleep without my heart racing, I felt like I could breathe and not feel scared. I felt a smile, I knew you noticed ~ glow from deep in my heart. Goodbye kisses are for lovers and last night you kissed me goodbye. It was the first time you ever kissed me goodbye, leaned in and with your hand on my waist kissed my cheek. Paused for a second ~ your face only so far from my own, our foreheads touching. Smiled and said goodbye. Goodbye kisses are such small things, yet they mean so much ~ and last night you kissed me goodbye. I watched you walk to your car, the single butterfly which flutters every time I see you multiplied into a million. Dizzy, high ~ overwhelmed. Touched. I let myself inside and quietly settled onto the couch, breathless.
I wanted to whisper how much I could love you, I wanted to tell you how you make me feel, I wanted perfect words to give to you, I wanted words that had never been used by anyone ~ human or god. I wanted something new, and heavenly ~ that's what you are to me. I wanted all of that because last night you kissed me goodbye.


Blogger korrynne said...

goodbye kisses are magic, but they are goodbye. and nothing is certain after goodbye.

4:26 PM  
Blogger korrynne said...

sorry, but she is back and i am sad for no reason. or i guess that is a reason. and i hate goodbyes even when you have every reason to believe they are not forever.

4:28 PM  

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