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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hearing Heaven

"I'm sorry." I say my head lowered to her lap, my lips brushing her beautifully delicate fingers. "It was never my intentions to make you angry." I lift her hand in my own, kissing it gently along the knuckles, unfolding her ring finger and closing my mouth around it. Twist my tongue around her finger and move slowly to the next. Still holding that hand I move to her other, which is resting between her legs. I run my tongue over the back of her hand, pause at the rough material of her jeans and then ~ breathing deep ~ I bite at the jeans. I back up and look her in the eye.
She smiles, "You want to?"
"I've been wanting to, now I'm dying to." We kiss again, her hands loosen from my own, she guides me up to stand in front of her. "I'm not going to beg and I'd like you not to tease me."

She walks me to the folding chair, right ~ so close ~ to the tiny space heater. "Am I not worth begging?"
I laugh a little, "Oh, you are ~ just I shouldn't have to." She giggles at that while she unclips her belt. Her jeans fall and I lean into her. Licking her gently ~ feeling her out.
In only moments the fearof not knowing how to please her is swept away and I've found what will drive her wild. Sucking softly and teasing with the tip of my tongue. The noises she makes sound as if they drift down from heaven above, her nails in my shoulder and her legs trembling ~ I swear I could die in this moment! She moves against me, rocking and crying out. I feel my own pleasure spread hot and quick through my body and my hands grab at her, holding her ass and her thigh.
As she cums her body clinches, her fingers tighten and hold my hair and then she pushes me away. Gasping for air and holding herself. I lift my face to hers. My God, she is even more lovely.
We find each others arms and tangle in them,warm and sweet and good. I could, I could love her. I loved this.
"Thank you." Her voice is small, tiny, and thin. I shake my head. "Yes, thank you. I told you there was nothing to worry about."

I am a lesbian, does that change anything?


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