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Friday, January 07, 2005

Lake River or Ocean?

Ocean, dear monstrously beautiful ocean! I love the way I feel alive, standing on the sand & feeling the wind touch me. I love feeling so completely small and free. I love the possibilities of the ocean. I love mermaids and starfish. I love dreams that are brought in on the soft foam of breaking waves, and sleep that lifts and falls with the waters motion. I love memories that are washed with light and silent because of the oceans hypnotic white noise. I love what the ocean brings to my surface, all of the feeling right under my skin. I love how lost I am there on the shore, I love how at the same time ~ I am found. I love slipping into bed and having you kiss me and whisper, "You smell like the ocean." I love you because you make me feel that way ~ lost & found. I love you because your skin taste like the ocean and your eyes touch me like the wind. I love you because I can not be at the ocean always, because I can not live on that sandy white heaven ~ I love you because you bring the ocean to me, you have it in you always. Lake, river or ocean? Ocean, always ocean, and you. And, dear, monstrously beautiful LOVE.


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