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Friday, January 28, 2005

Welcome To My Dream

I look down at your still face, the face of an angel. I’ve been watching you sleep for so long now ~ still I am amazed by your heart breaking beauty. My finger tips have traced your features again and again, ever so softly so that I don’t wake you. Even as you sleep, with those gorgeous green eyes closed, I can see the storm that is rolling though your heart right now. If I were magic ~ the way you are to me ~ I could take that all from you and give you peace. Deep in my chest I feel the tightness, the way I breathe very slow and keep my mind from visiting the thoughts which are hidden ~ what I wouldn’t give to be the one who made it safe for you to lay still, safe for you to invite sleep in. What I wouldn’t give to have the time to learn you, all of your everythings. To taste your tears and heal your hurts.
You move and kiss my finger tip, your eyes flutter open. "Hey." You look around a little strange, rub your eyes as you sit up. Blink and blink again. You might have noticed the color ~ how everything is the same, but still a little different. The colors here all breathe, liquid motion just under the surface. Maybe you noticed the glitter of moon light too pure and too blue to be from any earthly moon. I smile and reach to kiss you ~ I know you know, but I have to tell you, "I adore you." You look away and smile so slightly. I know that you are rumbling deep inside, I know that dispite my truest * I am not what you need or want, still I can try.
As you get to your feet I get up to stand beside you. You're face is the portrait of confussion as you scan the world around you. Farmiliar? Maybe, a lot of it looks just like life, and most of it was long ago painted in letters of dreams and miscelanious thoughts. I take your hand and walk with you through the feild of childhood toys and teenage poetry. You pick up a sheet of yellowed paper, burned at the edges and covered in my tiny youthful scribble. "Can I read this?" You ask me after you start reading it.

It's a poem about the hatred I let once let drive me wild. "You can read what you like. It is all yours if you want it, that's why I brought you here."
One day, you will live here ~ one day, you will love me.


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