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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let Me Love You ~ I Already Do

Tonight my heart could be breaking, just like I feared it would. Just like I was starting to believe it wouldn't. I close my eyes and try not to feel the sickness. Please, God, please, not yet. Not yet. What will I say to you when I can not say a thing? What will I fill my time with when you are out there lost? What will I do without you making me feel so much better? Who will I hold to make the empty that catches me off guard go away? I hate these thoughts I fall prey to in the night, they make me sick. How dramatic, how premature.
How utterly silly.
Then you call and say that you need me. Darling, it is I who needs you, so I go to you. A kiss on your pale forehead, a nibble on your ear lobe. I hold you to me tight against my chest, my fingers running through your hair. I know I can't stay long ~ still, I am here.
I'd die to stay.
Let me love you for with you I have seen all this world should have been my whole life. Let yourself love me and you will see and feel and taste the life I've found within your beautiful green eyes.
I know we have separate and long roads, I know that nothing ends here ~ though as my heart breaks for you just a little, I remind myself not to * it would.


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