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Saturday, January 29, 2005

In Her Own Words

"Here I go again . . . Trying to write you another letter. If you only knew how many I started... I feel like being alone, but at the same time I feel like being around somebody. It felt so good to lay on you last night. Warm + safe + comforting. It's like you know what's going on. Even though it's nothing specific + it didn't matter... It's cool though that I don't really have to explain the way I feel to you . . . you just sort of know + understand what's going on in a weird way. Your almost like a part of me. Your mind is sort of like mine, only you help fill in any gaps in thoughts and complete ideas. It's like you make my mind whole. Wherever I lack you fill. I'm not sure there's been anything yet that I didn't know and you couldn't tell me. Maybe it's that you compliment me? Whatever . . . it works so I guess there s no need to figure it out."
27 Jan 05, from Leo.
I'm smiling, thank you.


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