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Monday, February 07, 2005


Waiting for you to call. Holding my breath again. Did you know that when you come near me I am lost in my own skin. I am overwhelmed. Did you know that you are the irresistible flame, the undeniable desire? Did you know that you will destroy me just as you gave me life. I am forgetting that you are the lucky one, I am letting go of that which I struggled for. I am the foolish queen who so willingly will marry away her kingdom, for there is nothing I wouldn't do. No pain I wouldn't endure, no hurt I wouldn't take more of.
Did you know that I am strong? No you didn't, because with you I am not. How is that? How is it that you undo the fortress I have built? What guard was sleeping, what shift not covered that such a predator could enter these walls? What black magic is it that you possess which could cloak you and aid you in finding this deeply burred hide out?
Disenchant me, disconnect me, let me go. I'm bleeding.
Bleeding is believing. I used to.
Bleeding is believing, I do.


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