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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

If My Eyes Sparkle

This is me, I am paper
~ burned and torn.
Ripped at the edges
~ crumpled, worn.
Lost in this place
I know all too well.
Tumbling through darkness,
My desolate hell.
Finding immaculate hope
When you look at me.
As if you could, maybe
~ like what you see.
My voice an echo
~ my hands shake.
It’s buried inside of me,
So fucking ready to break.
Now I’m scared of you,
In this whole new way.
Letting go has never felt so close
As it feels being here with you today.
How do you do it,
Look and see right through?
The things I hide, my bruised little secrets
Lay there open for you to view.
I could always control it,
Holding on so tight.
Then here you come,
Radiating your beautiful light.
Bringing to the surface
All the things I pushed deep.
My prince, you ended
The blackest hundred-year sleep
You say my eyes sparkle,
Maybe it’s true
But, my darling, that sparkle you’re seeing

~ is simply the reflection of you.


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