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Friday, April 22, 2005


Now and then as we past time she does these little rymes ~ raps. It's something that always makes me smile. These are from our time in the hospital:

Rollin’ the dice
Once more than twice
feelin’ so nice
As I slowly entice
Her feelin’ so down
In her hospital gown
While the nurses come round
All she’ll hear is the sound
Of my voice speaking sweet
As I turn up the heat
& make her heart beat
To the rhythm of words that I speak
She’ll forget where she’s at
& be blind as a bat
To her day gone off track
As I make her relax
forgetting all pain
Her discomfort I’ll drain
And her joy pours like rain
As she’s got me on the brain

*The one below is from memory only ~ above she wrote out when I asked her to.

Playing Yatzee
All that I see
Is the girl in front of me
Smiling sweetly


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