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Monday, May 02, 2005

I Cannot Breathe

And a week later they may have lost there sparkle forever. Please, God, please no.

I cannot breathe ~
Nothing I can do
I am without sleep,
So badly, missing you
I did not think ~
We’d really come to this
In all of my dreams
I’m never without your kiss
So now I’m here
Silence filling this place
If I close my eyes
I’m haunted by your beautiful face
The very green
Which makes the sun rise each day
Hurting me so bad
Still it kills me to turn away
Destroys something beautiful
Inside my ugly heart
Slowly causing pains
That tear me apart
And I know that I,
Should have seen ~
That you were growing bored ~
I was loosing that green
I know that I,
Would have done everything
There wasn’t the chance
To do anything
We’re not that far
From when it all began
What if I never
Hear your voice again
Will you ever look?
Where will I be?
Some how I’m sure
You’ll know where to find me
That kills me more
Because you’ll never come
When you loose your interest
You’re simply done
Now I am the girl
Who was silly to let you in
Sillier still, I’d keep it all

Despite our agonizing end


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