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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Korrynne & Raejillian


She'll die when she checks in and finds her picture here. She'll call me frantic and threaten to kill me. She should find comfort in the fact that she is the only person besides myself who ever come to see this place. She's really scary about these things, not that this world isn't a clear and justified reason for caution, just I usually don't listen to that voice.
I wanted to put it up, though, so that the world could potentially she the beautiful girl who I call my best friend. I don't think she even knows half of all her magic. But as she lives she will find it, more and more. She will hear the wind and the stars and know their secrets. She will hear pain and, having known her own, be able to silence it. She will give great advice and be shocked by her profound intelligence. I can't wait to see it.


Blogger korrynne said...

thanks darling. i really needed a heart attack this morning. happy love day.

7:07 AM  
Blogger korrynne said...

sorry for 2 comments again on 1 blog, but i keep looking at this picture.

funny to think just a few hours later i was crying myself to sleep. i was broken. i heard "i think it's strange you left me" in lyrics that weren't there, like a skipping cd, over and over. this is where we grew up, i know we've talked about it before, but it's still sad. it's sad the way you think things are, they aren't like that everywhere. it's sad what you think is normal, really isn't normal anywhere else. but what's most sad to me is that it's stuck in me. it's something i can't get rid of, something that comes out whenever i lose control. when i'm wasted i want to be that way, fit in, feel normal. something that later i'm ashamed of and want to keep hidden. want it to disappear really so i don't have to hide it. it's something i'm scared to show people because they don't understand. they can't because it's really not normal to be this way. maybe you escaped it. maybe your stronger than me or something else. i hate this place...

9:10 AM  

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