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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Presents

Okay, so Am says that I have ten presents coming and she gave me clues. Anyone who wants to guess, PLEASE do!

4 1/2 mins away/mall - price check
take it with me/water proof
Black BRIT belt

Tree painting
Tupper ware
Drill saw - like the bitch used

Snow flake
larger than globe when not smooshed
Framed in black

5) A FABULOUSLY cool sweater!
Inside out/wood/art - burned - plus
Brisk - fast or cold or hard

I have asked fo it by name - (doesn't really help)


Quart size container/Ben & Jerry's Ice cream - Chunky Monkey - CD
Inside 1 cubed foot
Pillow - soft, comfortable

Color: black
sail boat
pencil sketch of a monk

not home or Hammond
happy new year 2006

cat in the hat t-shirt
spinning in space, globe/earth, satellite
marble egg
long notes